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Cat Taps


January 2019

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June 2019


Beautifully crafted artistic water fountains that attract cats to water, enhancing your cat’s wellness and complementing your home’s decor.

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Everything in our homes should bring joy and add value – even your cat’s water dish.

Too many water dishes for pets are plastic or tin, easily disposable, low-quality, and just plain unattractive. In a world where everyone is living smaller, we don’t have room for generic items that don’t serve the needs of us and our furry friends.

Cristina Silva is a long-time cat mom with a penchant for bright colors and patterns. She was bored by the generic water dishes you can get at chain pet stores and Walmarts. So was Ruby the Ragdoll (her cat, of course).

Cat Taps are hand-crafted water dishes for those who love art, beauty, design, and keeping their pets healthy.

The on-trend, modern and vintage dishes are handmade by Cristina with love. When designing Cat Taps, she values the unconventional, the unique, the beautiful, the eccentric, the bizarre, the soft, the feminine. She makes each with personality in mind.

No two Cat Taps are alike.

But these high-quality, unique creations aren’t just for aesthetics. They’re functional works of art that are  safe for your pets and easy to clean. Each component of the dishes are hand-picked by Cristina to be food grade and pet safe.

The unique fountain design of Cat Taps attract your kitties to their water bowl, keeping them happy, healthy, hydrated, and feeling loved.

In the future, Cristina would like to start taking custom water bowl orders, allowing people to customize their bowls on her website, and selling other high-quality, artistic pet accessories.

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