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Superior Projects


May 2019

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August 2019


Adding value and entertainment to Fort Wayne homes through superior quality landscaping and hardscaping.

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Beautifying Fort Wayne, one project at a time.

Cristian Magadan wasn’t always a business person. His career path began as an employee in a variety of different roles, but one thing was always the same: He didn’t feel valued as a part of the team.

So, he became his own boss.

Superior Projects was founded in May 2019 – first as a way for Cristian to take more control of his career path, but also to provide beauty and entertainment to the community.

Superior Projects specializes in landscaping and hardscaping and provides a variety of services year-round. Some popular services include mulch projects, river rock projects, garden bed cleanups, minor tree removal, and much more.

Since the business’s inception, it has grown rapidly. What was once a one-person job is now done by a team of four with Cristian at the head. They also provide even more services – everything from snow removal to outdoor kitchens.

More important to Cristian is that Superior Projects is fulfilling two of his goals: Ensuring his employees feel valued and creating safe, outdoor entertainment centers for his clients.

Looking to the future, Cristian hopes to gear Superior Projects up to become the leading hardscaping business in Fort Wayne by providing high-quality paver patios, outdoor fire pits, outdoor kitchens, and more. He wants every client he reaches to value outdoor entertainment on a higher level.

In the next few years, Cristian hopes to continue growing Superior Projects by hiring a larger crew, which will allow him to take on even more hardscaping projects and bring value to more lives.

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