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Summer 2022


An innovation to address dehydration in livestock

An innovation dreamed up by Fort Wayne founder Kyle Kerley, and a Compass Services team could save hundreds of animals’ lives.

Fluid Rite was created in response to a need by ranchers, CAFO owners, horse breeders, and others who care for large animals. The problem these businesses face is based essentially on the dehydration of animals in colder climates. In Midwestern winters, cattle, horses, pigs, and other large animals kept in semi-exposed barns or pens drink fewer fluids than they require and find themselves dehydrated. When veterinarians are required to provide fluids to these animals, the fluid bags are generally very cold and can cause shock when given.

Fluid Rite attempts to mitigate this. It’s essentially an insulated bag made of heavy, military-quality material for durability with a heating coil insert made of advanced “printed” coils that portable cellular devices can power. The fluid is kept at a regulated body temperature by the bag for both transport and when in use. This system keeps animals safe in cold climates by providing safe, warm fluids when dehydration is likely.

But the concept is only as good as its execution. That’s why Kyle plans to use the grant funds to purchase a similar product for comparison and potentially cut through some regulatory red tape.

We wish Kyle the best of luck as he translates this concept into a reality!