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September 2018


To help people learn the process of creating, editing, and publishing books

Self-publishing made easy.

White Boots 101 started in 2014 as a blog about leading an overall pure life. The blog led to two books which were edited and self-published by Ciara Jiminez. After learning the process of editing, proofreading, and resume renewal it was obvious to her that there were many people seeking help with these services. 

White Boots 101 has one main goal and that is to inspire women/men to be the best that they can possibly be! In a world full of darkness, they strive to be love and light.

Ciara’s company offers a variety of services based off the biggest needs many authors have as they strive to publish their books. These include resume creation and updates; editing such as formatting and grammar checks; ghost writing and co-writing; and self-publishing.

All in all, White Boots 101 can take care of all your writing and editing needs, from self-publishing, consults to going through the process for you.

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