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Blessing Moon Herbs


September 2018

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May 2019


Natural, local, and handcrafted products that bring us back to our roots with herbal creations inspired by centuries-old traditions.

People’s medicine should be for the people.

Brittany Bowen has created a line of natural, gentle, affordable, plant-based remedies that she has been selling to the Fort Wayne community since September 2018.

Blessing Moon Herbs was created after Brittany realized that some of our modern blessings can create more problems than solutions. For herself and her family, she knew there had to be a solution for health and wellness that was simple and organic.

Brittany discovered that plants are wonderful allies to the human body. Since she started exploring plant-based medicine in 2013, she has made it her mission to get to know each plant ally, what they can do for us, and how she can use them holistically to help her and her customers thrive every day.

Blessing Moon Herbs currently offers a line of 25 products that Brittany sells online, from her home, and at farmer’s markets. The product line includes everything from salves to tinctures to tea blends. What’s better is that each product is locally sourced and hand made by Brittany with the Fort Wayne community in mind.

Brittany’s plan for expansion includes renting out a shared kitchen space to start creating her consumable herbal products. This will allow her to reach more people online and in retail spaces such as the Food Hub in Auburn.

Looking ahead, Brittany has even larger plans for Blessing Moon Herbs. Eventually, she wants to create an earth-based community herbalism shop, which will sell bulk herbs. The storefront will also have space for educational workshops and rental shelving available for other local businesses.

After moving from Hawaii to Fort Wayne, Brittany is confident that she is right where she belongs, and she is committed to community growth through plant-based, local, handcrafted health and wellness solutions.

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