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August 2019

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April 2020


To optimize employee engagement in teams, departments, and whole corporations to the end of better retention and boosted performance.

Let’s talk employee engagement!

It’s been proven that engaged employees build strong, creative, and involved teams who are focused on the success of customers and clients. And engaged employees who feel a purpose in the work they do as part of a team are less likely to leave.

GenElevate, founded by Britni Eisenman, focuses on building teams of experts who feel fulfilled at their company and able to serve their customers and clients with creative, intuitive, and collaborative problem-solving.

Britni knows that employee engagement is integral in retaining and building talent on teams. GenElevate offers bespoke engagement strategy services and training that allows company leaders to build engaged teams.

The strategy services GenElevate offers include field research to determine employee engagement pain points, peer-reviewed research that can offer solutions to meet each company’s needs, and implementation strategies to ensure a successful team.

Britni Eisenmann smiling in front of her laptop.

Britni offers team training both virtually and in-person.  Clients will find that their specific needs and culture are woven into trainings, and that every training is take-away oriented and is rooted in the values of empathy and connection.

Eventually, Britni hopes that GenElevate can help teams all over the northeast Indiana area meet their highest potential for employee engagement and talent retention.

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