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Cup Of Grow


May 2019

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July 2019


A chemical-free fertilizer that outperforms other fertilizers, allowing customers’ plants to grow healthier and stronger.

Just like your energy, your plants can grow stronger with coffee.

For an entire summer, Braxton Miller watched his dad put used coffee grounds in their family’s garden. They noticed that their plants were growing exponentially more than they were when the family used big-name, chemical-based fertilizers and water alone.

So, Braxton created a coffee-based, chemical-free alternative to the typical fertilizer, named the product Cup Of Grow (a play off the term Cup of Joe), and began selling it to friends, family, and local farmer’s market attendees.

After his family realized the growing power of coffee, Braxton spent the rest of the summer creating the perfect mixture to help consumers grow healthy, happy, strong plants. The final mixture he came up with outperforms even the biggest name brands you can find in retail stores.

The best part? The mixture is completely chemical-free, a feature that is widely missing from the fertilizer market.

Cup Of Grow is easy to use both indoors and outdoors. Whether you’re a serious gardener or a casual plant parent, all you have to do is place a bag of solution into a gallon jug of water, shake the jug of 30 seconds, and pour on all of your plants.

While Cup Of Grow only offers Braxton’s specially-made fertilizer, he wants to expand his product line to include tools relevant to indoor and outdoor gardeners, including pots and soil. Eventually, he wants Cup Of Grow to be a well-recognized brand sold in retail stores across the country.

His grant from the Fortitude Fund will allow Braxton to get a head-start on his goals by funding marketing and educational efforts, as well as increased production for Cup Of Grow.

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