Become a Mentor.

Play a role in developing business leaders and our community.

What does it look like?

Connection through community

The Fortitude Fund community is designed to make it easy and organic to connect and network with entrepreneurs just like you. You have incredible insight to offer our community. Your mentee is part of our community, too, meaning you both share a passion and drive for success.

Goal-oriented & Time-bound

As a mentor, you have the privilege of helping a fellow entrepreneur achieve their dreams. Together, you will set goals and healthy limits so your mentee has space to grow. Although the focus is on your mentee, it’s guaranteed that you’ll gain just as much out of the relationship.

What it means to be a mentor

You know what it’s like to start your own business and try to achieve your dreams. Now, you get to share what you know with those coming up behind you. As a mentor, your valuable insight can help another entrepreneur and our community as a whole.

How it works.

1. Get to know you

Becoming a mentor is simple. To get started, you take a survey so we can get to know you better. We want to know what kind of wisdom, insight, and knowledge you can offer.

2. Engage at events

Fortitude Fund events are opportunities for you to meet fellow entrepreneurs. Through these events, you can meet people who are looking for mentors and see if you find someone you’d like to meet with regularly.

3. Become a mentor

When you’ve agreed to meet with someone, you are encouraged to figure out what works for your relationship, how often you’ll meet, and what kind of goals your mentee wants to set.

Become a Mentor