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Ayesha Forte &

Cicely Wright


Black Seed Vegans


January 2018

$500 Grant Date

June 2018


A platform to encourage others to make gradual changes in their eating habits.

Make your diet your lifestyle

When Ayesha Forte and Cicely Wright transitioned from vegetarian to vegan in 2017, they realized that many people tend to eat poorly because they lack the time to live a fully vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. Not only can it be difficult to make the transition, but many people don’t have access to vegan alternatives for everyday meals.

That’s why the couple created Black Seed Vegans, a platform that encourages people to make small steps toward the larger goal of going vegan.

Ayesha and Cicely want to remind others that they have a choice to live a healthier lifestyle and are capable of making that change, even if it starts slowly. Their mission is not to “turn” everyone into vegans, but to simply give those in the community healthier food options that taste great!

Black Seed Vegans’ social media channels have everything from Minus Meat Mondays to vegan recipes and tips to fitness and training gear in an effort to make living a healthier lifestyle more accessible.

Cicely and Ayesha hope to continue to introduce delicious plant-based meals and ask others to allow themselves the freedom to discover other alternatives in their regimens.

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