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May 2019


Cakes are the centerpiece of any special occasion, and they should be uniquely special and beautiful for each customer.

People love her treats.

Aurielle Palmer has a passion for creating delicious and beautiful (and often custom-made) treats, including cakes, cupcakes, and cheesecake. Through her company Elle’s Comfort Food Kitchen, Aurielle has mastered the art of telling people’s stories through cakes.

Elle’s Comfort Food Kitchen offers a variety of treats, but some fan favorites are Aurielle’s strawberry shortcake cupcakes, her custom cakes, and a peach cobbler cheesecake that’s one-of-a-kind to Fort Wayne. In the word of Aurielle, “You can’t find anything like my peach cobbler cheesecake around here.”

Part of Aurielle’s passion for baking is her creative mind. She takes care to collaborate with her custom-cake clients to ensure that she gets to know each and every one on a personal level. This helps her create a personalized treat that’s special to their own stories and experiences.

Aurielle works out of her home currently, but has her eye on a commercial kitchen that would be the perfect space to start creating the brand she envisions.

As a single mother, Aurielle values accessible and affordable places she can take her family. She hopes that Elle’s Comfort Food Kitchen can eventually be this space for families across the country. She wants her company to be a nationally-recognized, family-friendly spot for treats and fun.

Once Elle’s Comfort Food Kitchen moves into a retail space, Aurielle will expand her offerings to include ice cream and freakshakes (mega-milkshakes with a multitude of fixings).

Aurielle would like to become a franchise that is recognized by families everywhere. With her grant from the Fortitude Fund, she will start to increase her brand awareness through marketing and branding efforts.

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