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October 2019

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March 2020


To help the elderly thrive in a perpetually evolving environment by providing reliable, timely, friendly and safe transportation services

A safe way for the elderly to navigate Fort Wayne.

As people age, they may find it more difficult to coordinate travel. Whether they rely on others for private transporation or don’t have access to public transportation, the aging and elderly population deserves to be able to navigate their surroundings in a safe and reliable way.

Audrey Balogun recognized this need in Fort Wayne in particular, so she created Reityn, a membership-based transportation service for the elderly population in Fort Wayne.

Reityn’s philosophy emphasizes service, safety, and effective communication as key components in our business.

The membership-based service will allow people aged 60-8o to be able to explore Fort Wayne independently.

Audrey’s focus for her company has been about positive customers experiences, from driver training to cleanliness to added safety measures.

Reityn will provide members with courteous and helpful drivers who are fully trained in customer service and crisis management, and their vehicles will always be cleaned and well-maintained to ensure comfort and accessibility. Additionally, each vehicle will be fitted with a GPS system in case of emergency situations.

Reityn’s vision is to provide a safe, trusted and reliable mode of transportation for our members, as well as be a company that is known and trusted among residents of Fort Wayne.

Although Reityn is still in its pilot phase, Audrey has brought together a board of advisors within the target age group for Reityn (60-80 years old), and she’s been working on developing an app, a website, and a pool of test members.

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Business Updates


Selected participants for the upcoming cohort five will be announced at the beginning of April 2020. The program lasts for one year and includes three phases. During the first 12 weeks, participants focus on developing and validating a viable business model. “I am thankful this program requires you to keep talking to and surveying potential customers. I started out thinking my customer wanted my solution. After speaking with so many people, I now know they need something else, and I can offer them what they want,” said Audrey Balogun, owner of the elder rideshare company Reityn. She is a part of cohort three of the program.

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