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Creations by AC



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September 2020


To allow people to customize items like shirts, drink ware, lip chap holders, coasters, and other items to match their personalities.

Everyday items with unique personality.

Anjelica Cotton specializes in creating items that may seem mundane, like coasters, chapstick holders, and drinkware. But her creations are much more than that.

Through Creations by AC, Anjelica is able to match the personalities of her customers to every day items by customizing the lettering and design for each creation.


Anjelica built her business on social media and through word-of-mouth marketing. A wide range of customers, from businesses to families to individuals, tend to come back and make another purchase after their first.

Since being founded in 2019, Creations by AC has made a name for itself in the custom gifting and accessory industry in the region. Eventually, Anjelica hopes to be able to ship her creations to all 50 states.

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