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November 2017

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December 2019


An ecosystem of talent, tools, and resources that simplifies self-publishing and promotes beautiful, successful books.

Everything authors need to make beautiful, successful books.

Creating and selling a book can be a frustrating process. Pubbla is an online self-publishing ecosystem created by Angie Underwood to make the technicalities behind publishing a book a more approachable process.

Pubbla is an app that connects authors to publishing professionals, empowering more authors to self-publish. 

The app includes tools for DIY books and marketing graphic creation, as well as an educational hub that includes courses, tutorials, webinars, and more. The learning center focuses on helping authors and publishing freelancers to succeed at every step of their journey.

Pubbla has a few main users. Independent authors and publishers are able to seek professional advice, and DIY authors and publishers can create their book from the app. 

The app also serves publishing professionals and freelancers including cover designers, editors, publicists, ghostwriters, narrators, and more who want to hone their craft or make extra money.

Angie, self-proclaimed Queen of Obsessive Creative Disorder, has been in the publishing app business since 2007. She founded the company along with Steve Cunningham, Chief Left-brainer, and Andy Anspach, Collector of Memes.

Together, they’ve created a hub that allows self-publishers and publishing professionals to fulfill their creative sparks and create something to share with the world.

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