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Worn Intentions


January 2018

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May 2019


To design and create handmade jewelry using gemstones that carry intentional energy to inspire feelings of love, peace, and beauty both inside and out.

Crystals can heal the soul.

Amparo Rojas began exploring the intentional, meaningful energies of crystals after a yoga and meditation retreat sparked her interest. She took to YouTube to learn more about crystals’ healing powers and taught herself how to make jewelry out of gemstones.

After seeing the positive effects on intentional thoughts and energies in her own life, Amparo created Worn Intentions to pass along feelings of peace, beauty, and love to others in the Fort Wayne community. The company was founded officially in January 2018, and Amparo has been designing and selling her jewelry full-time since May 2019.

Worn Intentions sells jewelry, such as bracelets, necklaces, and rings, made of gemstones with intentional energies. Some of the gemstones featured on her Etsy shop are Lapis Lazuli, a great stimulant and guardian of personal and spiritual powers; Amazonite, a source of confidence, communication, creativity and peace; and Howlite, a promoter of serenity of mind that removes any kind of distracting thought.

Amparo has been featured as a vendor at quite a few markets since Worn Intentions was founded, including Wunderkammer, ArtLink, Convington Art Fair, and more. In addition to vendor opportunities, her work can also be found at The Find, Fort Wayne Dermatology, and in certain yoga studios.

Eventually, Amparo wants to share the beauty of crystal healing and intentional thoughts with a mass audience: In 3-5 years, she plans on hiring more passionate creatives to help hand-make jewelry on a larger scale.

This way, she can focus on the coaching and mentorship portion of her job.

In addition to creating and selling jewelry, Amparo teaches team building workshops that educate groups on how to create their own intentional jewelry. As Worn Intentions grows, Amparo wants to take this same idea and apply it internationally.

In five years, Amparo hopes to focus on empowering women in poverty around the world to sustain their families and lifestyles by building their own gemstone jewelry-making businesses.

For now, Amparo will use grant money from the Fortitude Fund to expand her online presence by creating a website and pushing marketing. She will continue to sell pre-made jewelry and take custom orders for those who know the importance of intention.

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Business Updates

Art Market hosts first-ever spring edition

This Mother’s Day, grab mom for a day of shopping local at The Art Market. The event is back for its Spring edition.

This is the first time for the spring market.

Over 18 regional artists will have items for sale, curated in the marketplace.  You’ll be able to spruce up your home with spring items. Or, browse the selections to get mom a gift.

Worn Intentions Workshop

To kick off this fresh new year, we asked Amparo Rojas, owner of Worn Intentions, to lead Team FIND in a gemstone bracelet making workshop.

Worn Intentions is a local company that crafts handmade jewelry, using gemstones, crystals and beads often used in meditation, and which carry special meanings. Amparo was personally inspired to start Worn Intentions while attending a yoga retreat and her mission is to help inspire peace, love and beauty through not only her creations, but also the pieces her clients make during a custom workshop, such as ours.

How does your Latino heritage inform your approach to business?

Under the umbrella of Worn Intentions, the Mexican-born entrepreneur Amparo Rojas designs and makes hand-crafted jewelry pieces for both men and women. Her complementary services include jewelry making workshops and feminine empowerment coaching.

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