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March 2021


A private picnic getaway with curated table settings and customizable add-ons tailored to romantic dates and memorable fun with friends.

Designing Experiences That Free People to Enjoy and Remember Their Beautiful Lives.

Amber Reid is curating inspired moments all over town. Whether it’s big events like marriage proposals and weddings, or the ordinary things that make up most of life, Amber works through her photography business Stories Told by AR to make those times magical and memorable. She loves serving clients at every stage. From the dream stage to the shoot to the final delivery, Amber frees people to live in the moment and enjoy the beauty of their lives.

But photos are just the beginning. During her travels photographing weddings, Amber came across a novel idea—portable, pop-up picnics. Inspired further by the romantic, luxurious dates from ABC’s “The Bachelor,” Amber created Fort Wayne Popnic.

And it’s been a huge success! Launched in January, Popnic offers couples and friends curated, memorable moments around a table, around town. Guests can cozy up inside a heated bubble tent (on cold days) or out on the lawn of one of Fort Wayne’s scenic parks. Amber stylizes each picnic with aesthetically pleasing table settings, floral arrangements, and customizable add-ons like charcuterie boards, mini photoshoots, and holiday packages.

Popnic has found a niche and can only grow from here. The venture’s early success has already required Amber to purchase more furniture, tents, and décor to keep up with demand. Amber plans to use her grant to trademark Fort Wayne Popnic. Down the road, she would like to franchise her business in other cities as well as set up an office in Electric Works. Beauty is on its way.

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Inspired by “The Bachelor,” this Fort Wayne entrepreneur is creating pandemic-friendly ‘popnics’

If you’ve ever watched ABC’s “The Bachelor,” then Fort Wayne Popnic will instantly remind you of this hit reality TV show. It was, in fact, the lavish and romantic one-on-one dates from “The Bachelor” that inspired the Founder of Fort Wayne Popnic, Amber Reid.

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