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Allen County
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Burned-In Teacher

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January 2019

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Serve frustrated, left behind, burned-out teachers and help them make changes to become happier and more fulfilled in their career.

Teachers work hard for our kids. But far too often, they’re left burned-out from a demanding career.

Amber Harper knew this well. In 2016, she was one of those teachers: burned-out, frustrated, and feeling left behind. She started sharing her story on her blog and found herself among a community of teachers who felt the same. She realized that using her training as a Google Innovator, Amber could help equip teachers just like herself to become motivated, passionate, and energized to have the career they want.

Burned-In Teacher began out of the hope that teachers anywhere can determine for themselves how to navigate their career. Burnout doesn’t need to be inevitable. And when it does happen, teachers should have the resources to make it out on the other side better equipped and impassioned to be even better teachers.

What started as a blog has grown into a podcast and private Facebook community of over 200 teachers who are navigating burnout. Amber uses her skills and certification to educate teachers on Google platforms so they can become more efficient and use those tools to creatively collaborate with their students.

Joining the Fortitude Fund Community gives Amber the networking she needs to keep elevating her platform and opens the door for new opportunities to allow business growth.

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The Burned-In Teacher Podcast

You may have said to yourself before, “I am totally alone in what I’m feeling.”

Not anymore. The Burned-In Teacher Podcast is a resource dedicated to connecting you to others who are feeling the same way you have been. The educators on this podcast are brave enough to share their stories of burnout with the world. On BIT, we get real. We get honest. And we TAKE ACTION. Action against the burnout with stories from burned-out teachers, advice from experts, and actionable steps you can take today, to become a happier, more fulfilled human being. It’s a source of support FOR teachers FROM teachers, and there are many ways for you to join the community.

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