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Beyond the Bra



$500 Grant Date

May 2021


A personalized, educational custom bra fitting boutique that helps clients live a better life with a better bra.

Changing Lives, One Bra at a Time.

When it comes to something as intimate as undergarments, mass production doesn’t suit everybody. An experienced bra consultant, Amanda White knows that fit matters. A poor fitting bra affects comfort, posture, and even self-image. A bra that fits and flatters is the girding for a better quality of life.
Amanda founded Beyond the Bra with a passion for helping clients access properly fitted bras and lingerie. Amanda’s experience in the retail clothing industry taught her that many women wear ill-fitting undergarments. Finding the right fit is often more difficult than it needs to be. All many women need is a custom fit and a little education.
This is where Amanda’s heartbeats. She loves the human connection of helping clients through custom bra fittings. She knows that building relationships through personalized attention and education will truly meet clients’ needs and support the mission of her business over time.
Amanda is currently building up her online presence and her stock of sample bras. She is also preparing to open a private boutique while pre-booking fitting appointments with future clients. She plans to use her grant to purchase a new laptop. With that, she can bolster social media marketing and build her client base.
Down the road, Amanda would like to add a philanthropic arm to her business that would donate fittings and bras to homeless and incarcerated women. She envisions serving both conventional customers and underserved women beyond the typical constraints of high-priced boutiques. With the improved posture, decreased pain, and improved self-image that comes from a better bra, all women can live a better life.

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