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Allen County
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January 2019


We make precious moments count.

Diane Starks is all about creating experiences.

She’s been in the event planning business for eight years, but in 2018, Diane wanted to take her experience-making to the next level. All Decorations is Diane’s way of connecting with people and allowing them to have quality, memorable, and impactful events.

In Diane’s event-planning repertoire are weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, nonprofit events, and more. She has produced everything from large events, such as the  NAACP’s Freedom Banquet and the National Baptist Convention, to smaller events like weddings and parties.

All Decorations takes care of the details.

All Decorations takes care of all the details, from event set-up to tear-down. Diane arranges the venue, food, lights, decorations, and anything else the event requires to be memorable.

Business for All Decorations has been word-of-mouth, as the business has yet to establish a brand and social media presence. With the help of the micro-grant from Fortitude Fund, Diane is planning to create branding that matches her company’s personality to get her business’ name out there.

The future of All Decorations, Diane hopes, includes more involvement with corporate events, but she still wants to stick to her “everything goes” roots. You will continue to see everything from weddings to galas from Diane.

All Decorations is driven by people. More than anything, Diane’s event planning business allows her to connect with and serve those in her community who need and want to host impactful and memorable events.

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