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January 2023


An online stationery shop with an uplifting focus

Addilyn Bordeaux of Huntington is a teenage graphic designer-turned-entrepreneur who launched an online stationery shop at

A nod to her DIY approach, AddiMadeIt is a concept she developed at age 15. She sells stickers, art prints, wall collages, digital tools and offers custom services. In the past, she’s sold digital calendars and greeting cards. Her unique branding and colors make her products unique and eye-catching.

But there’s more to her creations than the face value. Addilyn hopes to create a brand synonymous with positive and affirming messages that speak to young women like herself. Not surprisingly, Addilyn has found a market for her brand of positivity.

Social media and a robust digital presence have helped her gain visibility in a crowded marketplace, citing key metrics that point to her impressive growth. For instance, she’s made more than 400 sales on Etsy, received more than 50 5-star reviews, fulfilled more than 20 custom orders for my customers and reached more than 5,000 followers on Instagram and nearly 2,000 on Pinterest at the time of her grant submission.

The young business builder and visionary is energized by these results and has plans to reach the next level of success with the help of supporters like the Fortitude Fund. To that end, her vision for growth in the next couple of years is to expand, branching into new products like physical stationary and apparel. She’s committed to making more than 1,000 sales on Etsy, reaching 10,000 followers on Instagram, and diving deeper into custom services. The grant funds will allow her to develop and hone new stationary and apparel products to stay relevant and continue serving her customer base.

Watch out world — Addilyn and AddiMadeIt are going places!