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October 2018


A tool and work-space solution for the Fort Wayne community at an affordable price.

Paint. Sew. Build props or costumes. Fix something. 

The Build Guild started as a space for individuals in the cosplay community to come together and create their costumes, but the space quickly grew and attracted creative individuals across the artistic spectrum.

The workspace, created by Larry Brooks and Abraham Parra, offers space for crafters and artists of all sorts to come and create anything they can dream of. The Build Guild offers both public creative spaces and private, rentable tables as well as the “Free Stuff Bin”, full of materials donated by members that are free to use here or take home.

However, you don’t have to be a natural craftsperson to take advantage of what The Build Guild offers. They also host a wide variety of workshops. From slime making to cooking, papier mache’ to welding, they offer workshops for people of all ages. In fact, children can take all of the workshops that The Build Guild offers at half price.

Memberships are offered for people who want to come regularly and use the common workspaces and for people who would like private, 24-hour access to the space. All memberships to The Build Guild come with free access to workshops.

Abraham and Larry are excited to continue expanding their membership and offering more workshops for those interested in pursuing creativity or picking up new hobbies.

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Build Guild serves do-it-yourselfers

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The Build Guild is a tool and work-space solution we have opened for the community at an affordable price.

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