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All The Rage


January 2019

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September 2019


Come Rage with us and de-stress without the mess!

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Sometimes, you just want to smash a printer without any consequences.

All The Rage, a rage room in Fort Wayne, lets you do just that.

Rage rooms are not new in the United States, but All The Rage is the only place within in northeast Indiana where you can let off some steam by smashing dishes and computer screens. All The Rage’s founders, Brianna Dailey and Abby Greutman, wanted to bring a rage room to Fort Wayne so the community could have a productive and safe space to de-stress and have fun.

After participants schedule a time, they can choose from a few Rage Packages that offer a variety of breakable items. They can also choose add-on breakables like printers and electronics for an extra fee, or bring their own breakables for a discount.

Sessions can last anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes as a solo experience or with someone else. The nature of the experience allows participants to let out energy and emotions of any sort (from happy to sad to angry) in a productive way.

For Abby and Brianna, it’s been important that All The Rage offers a positive experience despite seeming like a negative activity. They’ve created the space so that it allows anger, frustration, and stress to be vented safely and productively, but they also consider the importance of rage rooms for just having a fun night with your partner, with your friends, with your coworkers, or with your family.

After each session, participants can head over to the Chill Room so they can relax and recharge, ready to face the day ahead of them.

The future of All The Rage is bright: Brianna and Abby are excited to expand the capabilities of their location to include group spaces for activities and more room to rage.

They’re hoping to continue to be involved in the community in a positive way, to bring light to the stress and frustration involved in everyday life, and to give people a place to feel safe to express themselves without worry.

Abby and Brianna are looking forward to expanding All The Rage’s message through marketing and signage made possible by their grant from the Fortitude Fund.

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Business Updates

At ‘All the Rage,’ things get broken

Japanese-born trend arrives in city, giving stress relief safe space

Most people do not wake up wishing to have a bad day – at least I don’t think they do.

But on a recent Friday, I rolled out of bed with the hope that something would go wrong. I wanted something that would upset me, make me mad. Maybe even enrage me.

“All the Rage” hopes to be a smash in Fort Wayne

Politics, social media, and just everyday life can all do their part to tick you off… but starting Monday, a new Fort Wayne business wants to help you get all of that rage out.

All the Rage is a so-called “rage room” that is opening Monday on Spy Run Avenue, near the intersection with East State Blvd.

Take out your frustrations at “All the Rage”

Who hasn’t had one of those days where you are so stressed and frustrated that you just feel like breaking stuff? Well soon there will be a place where you can break things in a safe controlled environment.

“All the Rage” a new rage room experience opens Monday and their hope is to help you release stress in a unique way. Co-owners Brianna Dailey and Abby Greutman, saw a need for a new experience in Fort Wayne and have been wanting to open a rage room for some time.

‘Rage Room’ coming to Fort Wayne

Fort Wayne will soon be home to a business that will allow customers to trash the place.

All the Rage will be Fort Wayne’s first Rage Room, a new experience that allows folks to get out their stress in the form of smashing items like TVs, printers, or glass in a controlled environment.

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