Aaron Cantrell

Fortitude Founder

Allen County
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Coffee With Friends



Grant Date

January 2019

Business Idea

To create opportunities for community through coffee.

“We love coffee, and we love people.”

Aaron and his wife Michelle started roasting coffee out of their home because they wanted better coffee than what was available in stores. But roasting coffee is just part of the heart behind Coffee with Friends. More than anything, the Cantrells want to create a community that welcomes any and everyone to share a cup.

Coffee With Friends logo

For the past two years, Aaron and Michelle have been connecting with people all across Fort Wayne through great coffee. Their hope is to share their passion for a delicious cup and encourage people to stay connected to each other and their community. You can find their coffee every week at the Fort Wayne Farmers Market.

As entrepreneurs, this couple is using their passion for coffee and people to bring a delicious product and opportunities for connection to Fort Wayne. Eventually, they hope to open their own coffee shop to continue fostering their mission. Joining the Fortitude Fund Community helps them grow their business and network with the right people.

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Business Updates

Coffee With Friends marks first anniversary

Coffee with friends is not just a social activity for conversation and enjoying rich, dark mocha. It’s also the name of a new niche coffee roasting business in New Haven. Coffee With Friends (CWF) marked its first year roasting and selling coffee in May and is hoping to expand its markets online and into more area restaurants.

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