January – February 2021 Cohort

Founder Stories

$2,500 GRANT

“Guardian Machine Protection is a B2B, maintenance-as-a-service business model that provides machinery upkeep, leveraging IoT, for small to mid-sized manufacturers.”

Mentor: Mark Michael | Fort Wayne Metals
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“My end goal is to be a tourist attraction. I envision having a line of clients eager to receive a Legendary cut!”

Mentor: Michelle Chambers | Signing Closers
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$500 GRANT

“I strive to create content that tells a story and makes clients feel something, that evokes some type of emotion.”

Mentor: Derek Devine, Punch Films
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“To produce the only surgical planning tool that is designed with repurposed material, as well as the only imaging tool that can be used in a CT scan to build 3D bone models.”

Mentor: Greg Stalcup | Sites Medical
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“Our apparel and accessories are created for parents to evoke a nostalgic feeling, bringing a bit of childhood into this new ‘hood’ of parenthood.”

Mentors: Pat Miller | Vera Bradley, Jeff Blade | Matilda Jane
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“NUP is a mobile app that exists to connect local consumers with their local food/drinks industry by helping members find, try, and rate local bars while reducing their ticket cost”

Mentor: Kyle Gough | Kyle Gough Law
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“We’re building a marketplace that breaks down barriers to better tech usage in the nonprofit sector.”

Mentor: Fred Nash | Main Street Venture Fund
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“I am a female-owned business processing steel products for multiple applications with the goal of providing opportunities for disadvantaged and second chance individuals in my community.”

Mentor: Carey Schmucker | Aegis
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“I tend to have a documentary-style approach of wedding videography that captures the emotions of all who attend the wedding.”

Mentor: Lesa Van Meter | Shadowlands Photography
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“MindGPA’s mobile app will help each student find their own customized way to have better mental health and grades through 24/7 resources that can be accessed anyplace, privately, and with social components.”

Mentors: Dr. Michael Mirro | Parkview Mirro Center for Innovation, Jay Johns | Bellon Branch Design
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“Many people don’t know much about how houses are built, and it allows them to be taken advantage of. I want to educate buyers and create a reputation for myself and my company, with a philosophy of: Do it now, do it right, and do it once.”

Mentor: Luke Hoffman | Granite Ridge Builders

“I am 15 years old; I write screenplays, I do the casting for, I co-produce, and I create short films and music videos.”

Mentor: Laura Hilker | 212 Creative Network
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“Moo Over is the ONLY premium plant-based ice crème shop in Columbia City, IN. I make dairy-free, gluten-free, nut-free, sugar-free ice crème from scratch using clean organic and locally sourced ingredients.”

Mentor: Mark Kelnhofer | Return on Ingredients
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“We custom build roaster boxes that we use to provide catering services to small venues, individuals, and fundraising events for our local community.”

Mentor: James Kahn | Baker Street, Hoppy Gnome, Proximo
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