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Ignacio Poncio &

Giovanni Martinez


Nativo Translations



Grant Date

March 2020


Partnering universities and their bilingual students with local organizations that require affordable translation services.

Local presence, international experience.

Nativo Translations is offering a higher quality of translations to the Fort Wayne community by recruiting international students well-versed in multiple languages.

Ignacio Poncio and Giovanni Martinez created Nativo Translations after seeing two distinct needs in our area: Businesses are finding it difficult to connect meaningfully with the non-English speaking community; and international students are struggling to become financially independent.

Nativo Translations brings both parties together in the mutually beneficial relationship. Businesses are able to communicate with their customers who don’t speak English, and international students can create a steady income for themselves in northeast Indiana.

Nativo Translations offers several services, all facilitated by bilingual students and community members. These services include translations for web pages, marketing, economic and finance, and other official documents; interpretations in person or over the phone; and transcriptions of video subtitles, titles, and descriptions.

Giovanni and Ignacio understand the nuances of language, which is why they’ve built a team of native translators whose first language is not English. This way, their translators can capture the nuances of culture that create meaningful connections from businesses to their audiences.

So far, Nativo Translations has translators well-versed in 9 languages, including English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Urdu, Dutch, Russian, Norwegian, and French.

Giovanni and Ignacio are currently working with several entities to become their go-to translation provider, including schools and more.

The pair hopes to be the number one language service company in the state of Indiana in the next three to four years, facilitating meaningful conversations between businesses and the growing population of non-English speakers in the state.

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