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Kyle Craig

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Kyle Craig comes to the Fortitude Fund community as a 25 year old inventor and founder. He is creating a wearable biokinetic device that is paired with a SAAS product to enable therapists, athletic trainers, and research scientists to more accurately track and analyze body motion. Kyle sees that decisions made based on accurate, real time motion data can improve patient rehabilitation, athlete performance, and research accuracy. As he puts it, “My ultimate goal is to create a wearable sensor network that gathers data for computations yielding information not previously known about biomechanics.”

An Eagle Scout and Mechanical Engineering graduate of Trine University, Kyle is a go-getter. He has created a first generation prototype that proved the key technical concept needed for his invention to be successful. And, he has arranged pilot customers with therapists, researchers, and athletic programs – including the recent NCAA football champs, the University of Alabama. Kyle has surrounded himself with a strong team as his company, Apollo Dynamics, gears up to complete product development and launch their first product.

Locally made Monday – CAPEABLE update

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Locally Made Monday РCAPEABLE Update

| WFFT Fox Fort Wayne 55

July 9th, 2018

Several years ago on Locally Made Monday, we showed you CapeAble and the sensory blankets and products it right here in Fort Wayne exclusively for Indiana residents.

Now, it has gone nation-wide and is winning local and national awards.

WFFT’s Andrew Logsdon shows us what’s new in this week’s Locally Made Monday.

“Our product is so much better than it was even a year ago,” says Susan Hickok.

Changes are blanketing across Fort Wayne-based CapeAble.

It’s moved manufacturing in-house and on-site.

“We just keep making improvements. We now use one-hundred percent recycled glass as out weighted fill material. It’s actually recycled from windshields,” Hickok says.

“And we love the green aspect of that. But it also allows it to be machine washed and machine dried,” says Marna Pacheko.

Owners Hickok and Pacheko say sales have expanded across the United States. And those sales are bringing in awards, locally- “We also won the edge award for northeast Indiana as the Outstanding Emerging Business, and that was through the SBA and the Indiana Small Business Development Council,” Hickok says.

-and nationally. “Yea, we are so excited for the national recognition we have gotten this year for our innovation. We won, through SCORE, we won the Outstanding Innovative Business for 2017 for the country,” Hickok says.

“We also got recognized as a top ten finalist in the Innovate Her, across the nation, as we were sent to D.C., and that was an amazing experience,” Pacheko says.

They say they were also selected to represent the U.S. at a global business conference in India. Their innovations are getting the CapeAble goods to many more people who need them.

“The CapeAble care line is with an antimicrobial application, and it can go into any healthcare industry, across the nation,” Pacheko says. “We find our number one customer is someone that is having difficulties with sleep issues, stress, and anxiety.

And we get testimonials over and over again that our product is helping them with those issues,” Hickok says.

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